All persons interested in joining the Perinatal Palliative Care (PPC) Subcommittee are strongly encouraged to become PSANZ members (you can sign up for PSANZ membership below) if they are not already registered. The aim of the PSANZ PPC Subcommittee is to have multidisciplinary membership with geographic representation from across Australia and New Zealand (ANZ).

If you wish to become a member of the PSANZ PPC Subcommittee, please click here to download the PPC Membership Form.

If you have any queries regarding the PPC Subcomittee, please feel free to contact the Secretary PSANZ PPC Subcommittee, Dr Sarah Bellhouse, at

PSANZ Membership

Membership Options

Full Membership (earning over $100,000 p.a): 

$130 (Plus 2.5% credit card fee)

Full Membership (earning $50,000 to $100,000 p.a): 

$99.00(Plus 2.5% credit card fee)

Concessional Membership (earning less than $50,000 p.a): 

$60.00(Plus 2.5% credit card fee)

All fees are inclusive of GST.

**Student Membership:

$50.00(Plus 2.5% credit card fee)

**(Students must provide documents showing proof of full-time enrolment)

All fees are inclusive of GST.

Join / Renew Membership

Membership to PSANZ is valid from 1 October to 30 January. New members joining in August or September will have those months added to the membership they are purchasing.

New Zealand members
Members of the Perinatal Society of New Zealand (PSNZ) automatically receive membership to PSANZ. Click here to join PSNZ.

$51.25 - $133.25

Student Concession


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